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Lycan Heart: Animus History and Realm

Solum's (Human Realm) History and Animus's Creation: The Separation

While the human world (or as the spirits called it "Solum") is very similar to our world (due the existence of real-world continents and real-life events such as the World Wars), the one key difference between it and the real world is the Earth's ancient history itself, namely the existence of mythological creatures and monsters that normally exist in fiction. However, during the Medieval age, the lives of these said creatures were terrible. Due to humans' fears and paranoia about them, they started hunting many of these creatures, such as werewolves, vampires, and others to defend themselves, even going as far as to kill those who were innocent and just wanted to live in peace. Others even started wars against generally neutral races such as elves, youkai, and fairies just to gain their territories. Even more, some greedy individuals began capturing these creatures and keeping them as personal slaves, or attractions for circuses and carnivals.

Upon seeing the viciousness that humans committed against these creatures, Salus, the God of Salvation and Souls, decided that the violence and bloodshed against them had to end. Using her godly abilities, she created many disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms as a way to punish those who instigated these wrongful acts, while helping the humans who showed their kindness to lead the creatures to safety. However, feeling that the world was still not ready to accept them, Salus erased the humans' memories regarding the mythological creatures and magical races, reducing them to mere legends and fiction.

While she wanted to keep the mystical creatures and monsters separate from humans, for the time being, Salus didn't want them to once again experience the pain and suffering they previously endured, wanting them to live normal and happy lives. So using the power of the gods’ life essence, she transformed all the magical and mythological creatures into spiritual entities and splits the world into two realms so the newly reborn spirits can live the other one in peace. This second realm is now known as Animus, the realm of spirits, and is completely severed from the time and reality of Solum.

At present time, Solum’s society and humanity went about evolving and modernizing all continents, countries, and cities, similar to the real world. But with the memories of mythological creatures and fantasy monsters and races reduced to just legends and fiction, the humans in this realm remained completely unaware of Animus's existence.

The Fang Conflict and the Symbols of Peace

However, the peace in Animus became a fragile one. 10,400 years before the present day, the powerful red-eyed Rugokula Lupo and the low-class Griza Lupo werewolves grew more jealous and suspicious over the monochromic Lupus Argentum clan and their healing abilities. As tensions between the clans, other races got involved in the conflict and eventually, arguments turned into fights things continued to escalate until the Rugokula Lupo declared war after they invaded one of the Lupus Argentum villages. And as the rest of the races all took sides to support one of the two werewolf clans, they turned Animus into a war-torn battleground.

The war lasted for 500 years and laid waste to many lands, villages, and homes, and many spirits fell in battle. Eventually, the war finally came to an end when a Lupus Argentum warrior managed to use a special amulet's powers that were made from his Griza Lupo friend that can show everyone the horrors that the war has caused, forcing a ceasefire, and eventually a truce.

With the war now known as the "Fang Conflict", the werewolf clans began to forgive each other and atone for their sins, which to the point that some of them founded the Lupus Vinculum Alliance as a symbol of their new friendship. Also, some werewolves began to study the art of the Amulet, creating a tradition and tribute for the warriors' friendship that led to the end of the war. More amulets were created from the original's magic, and literally became a special accessory for all of the werewolf spirits to wear, even to a point that they imbued with special abilities to aid them.

But the one true Symbol of Peace for all of Animus is the combat tournament that the Griza Lupo and the Lupus Argentum created in their spare time. That tournament became known as the "Spirit Skirmish".

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